Using Ad Rotation for Facebook Ad Success

Ad rotation using A/B Testing is a key component to social network advertising success. This article will discuss what Ad rotation is and how it impacts advertisers.

What is Ad Rotation?

Ad rotation is the just-in-time manual or automated rotation of Ads based on conversion metrics for various sets of creative with multiple calls to action or incentives. Typically A/B testing is used to determine which sets create the highest conversions.

Ad rotation is a technique that is used by ad buyers to ensure that every dollar spent on a campaign is optimized. These tests and rotations should take place during your entire buy.

Many buyers will rotate tests multiple times a day to determine which test will see optimum results.

The experts at Marin Software, an index of over 100 Top Facebook Advertisers, found that “direct response campaigns set with ad rotation yielded 35 percent higher CTR and 34 percent lower cost per conversion than those not using automated rotation. Even more striking were the results from fan acquisition campaigns. Those with automated ad rotation saw 60 percent higher CTRs and 75 percent lower costs per fan than those without ad rotation.” Marvin, The 4 Top Facebook Advertising Trends and the Stats Behind Them

How can you execute a rotation strategy with A/B Testing?

Build a few versions of your Ad with different types of creative. Creative changes can include: moving the button, subtle changes to the call to action language, a different share image or inclusion of video vs. a static image.

Run a series of small buys using each test set of creative.  Watch the performance of each test and launch larger buys using the sets that perform the best.  Continue to rotate in the best performing sets and leverage steadily larger amounts of your planned budget to support them.

Link your Ads to a conversion pixel to track offsite events that occur.  This makes it simple to see exactly which sets are driving conversions.

The top ad rotation strategy among advertisers in Marin’s index “uses changes in CTR as a trigger for rotating creative, with 41 percent of advertisers using that technique.” Marin Software, The Definitive 2014 Facebook Advertising Playbook